New Internet Marketing Report Released

EAC is pleased to announce an update to the Internet Marketing Report for

The update to the Internet Marketing Report has been made available to  subscribers.

We hope that you will love the new features and fixes we’ve packed into this update.

Summary of changes to Internet Marketing Report:

  1. Filter by Agent – Allows the user to run reports on all agents or just on the listings for a specific agent.
  2. Time Frame – Allows the user to run reports for the ‘Total Campaign’ of a listing or for the past ‘Week’ or ‘4 weeks’.
  3. Source – Allows the user to filter search results to the websites that the listing appears on, i.e. ‘All Websites’, ‘’, ‘My Website’ (agent website)
  4. Branding – Allows the user to customise the report to a professionally branded standard.  Including: Agency logo, Agent Photograph, Agent contact details, Social media integration
  5. Professional and easily understood data – Internet Marketing Report provides Full Campaign Details which are designed to be easily understood by the vendors; including: List Price, Date of first advertised, days listed, total campaign interactions, total campaign shares. This feature is available to Pro and Elite subscribers only.
  6. Export – Allows user to easily export report data to CSV file for future analysis.

The new Internet Marketing Report will be available to subscribers from 1 February 2015. Make sure you look out for it in your inbox.

EAC Board meets with Member Principals from Northern Rivers

The EAC Board held its November Board Meeting in Ballina on Wednesday, 27 November followed by a meeting of Member Principals from the Northern Rivers. At the meeting the Chairman Dale Whittaker and CEO David Crombie updated the members on some of the initiatives the Co-operative is currently working on and other changes that are currently affecting the industry. Each of the Directors provided the members with an overview of the property market in their respective areas and in return the meeting provided the directors with an opportunity to obtain feedback directly from the members.

EAC Chairman Dale Whittaker and EAC CEO David Crombie presenting at Northern Rivers Members Meeting

EAC Chairman Dale Whittaker presenting at Northern Rivers Members Meeting

A lighthearted moment shared by EAC Board and EAC members

A lighthearted moment shared by EAC Board and EAC members

The EAC Board would like to thank all the members that attended.

Estate Agents Co-operative (EAC) Releases Updated Industry Portal

Estate Agents Co-operative (EAC) today announced the release of their much anticipated update to the industry owned and developed real estate property portal,

We have spent the best part of the last 12 months completely redeveloping the website and underlying systems to provide a platform that meets the evolving needs of both real estate agents and consumers alike, all the while being mindful of still being able to provide an extremely cost effective property online marketing alternative for our members and the Industry.

In addition to considerably improving the consumer experience, in the search and display of property listings, we have also taken substantial steps to assist agents who are looking for greater profile on the site to professionally market their office and personal brands.

Another core focus of the development team was to ensure that the site will now have a much greater search engine relevance through enhanced optimisation and marketing initiatives which will guarantee better overall visibility of

I feel that was always and still is all about providing a much needed industry alternative. I now feel more confident that our latest offering can indeed provide just that.

Take a look for yourself by visiting the site.

Estate Agents Co-operative (EAC) Partners With Nestoria


Estate Agents Co-operative (EAC) today announced a relationship with major property
search engine, Nestoria ( This synergy will further enhance exposure
for Pro and Elite package customers advertising their property listings on the
Co-operative’s real estate portal,

The collaboration between Estate Agents Co-operative, one of the largest independent
real estate organisations in Australia responsible for launching the brand in June 2008, and Nestoria will involve a selected ‘listings
display’ arrangement on the Nestoria search engine.

“We are constantly looking at ways to value add to our offerings and we will be
uploading to Nestoria the listings for all real estate offices that are on our portal’s Pro
and Elite packages,” commented David Crombie, EAC Chief Executive Officer. “This will
provide an enhanced level of consumer exposure for their office and listings on by piggy backing off the Nestoria search engine”.

The relationship has been driven by Simon Baker, the former CEO and Managing
Director of the REA Group (

“Australia is a global leader in using the internet to search for property. There are around
25 property portals and franchise group sites serving the market. These sites are our
partners. They provide the listings and pay for clicks at a fraction of the cost they pay on
Google. We are an entry point for real estate consumers and property portals are the
destination” said Simon Baker.

Estate Agents Co-operative and Odusee partner for a new convenient way to search online for Australian properties

Major global vertical database search engine, Odusee, has announced a relationship
with the Estate Agents Co-operative and its property portal,, to
further enhance the user experience of both sites and provide the portals real estate
customers an even greater exposure for their office brands and property listings.

The collaboration between the Estate Agents Co-operative, one of the largest
independent real estate organisation in Australia responsible for launching the brand in June 2008, and Odusee will involve a ‘listings display’
arrangement between the two sites.

“We are excited to be working with Odusee Australia in a venture that will see property
listings from uploaded to Odusee on a daily basis”, said David
Crombie, Chief Executive Officer, Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd. “This arrangement
not only enhances the level of service we can provide to real estate consumers, but will
also deliver greater exposure for our portal agents’ listings.”

Nikki Varquez, Business Development Manager at Odusee expanded further, “We are
delighted to now include as the latest inclusion into our Odusee
real estate search engine. Australia is a global leader in using the internet to search for
property and there are around 25 portals and franchise groups serving the market at any
one time. These sites are our partners. Odusee provides the entry point for consumers
with our partner portals listing details as the destination.”

In the Pipeline – What’s Happening at EAC

Welcome to another edition of From the Boardroom, our first edition coming to you fully online and from our new Head Office at Rosehill.

Things are pretty busy here at EAC, let me say that I am happy to get back to my normal role after the move and for anyone that has ever moved an organisation of 40 plus people after twenty five years you will know what I am talking about.

The move to new premises has been on the agenda for some time now and the main reason for the move was that the offices at Villawood just simply did not meet our needs
anymore. We had over 2,500 sqm at Villawood and as a result of us outsourcing the printing of our publications and selling off all our presses more than half the space we had was unutilised. The premises also did not present the organisation in its true light and we no longer wanted to be located in an industrial area.

The move provided us with the opportunity to change many things and things are very different at the “New EAC” as I describe it. As part of the move we have reviewed the way we were doing things and have implemented many new policies and procedures to streamline our operations, minimise costs and to provide a better level of service.

There is also change in the pipeline for the industry and I suggest some of the biggest changes we have seen for some time. One of these changes is the proposed introduction of National Licencing and EAC has been involved in the consultative process since the beginning. The Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for Property Occupations has been released for discussion and some of the suggested changes will have serious consequences for all real estate practitioners. We have held meetings with several other industry groups, NSW Fair Trading and NOLA representatives to express our concerns and will be holding seminars on National Licencing in the coming weeks to obtain further feedback from the industry prior to making our submission on the proposed changes.

The Minister for Fair Trading, Anthony Roberts, has announced consultation on proposed compulsory professional indemnity insurance for licensed property occupations. It is proposed from 1 January 2013, all licensees under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 be required to hold a minimum of $1 million professional indemnity insurance with a number of set policy inclusions.

EAC has provided feedback on this proposal in our meetings with NSW Fair Trading in the past twelve months and will be making a formal submission providing our feedback in early October.

If you have any feedback on either the National Licensing or introduction of compulsory professional indemnity insurance please call us or submit it to

For those involved in Strata, NSW Fair Trading is also reviewing the Strata and Community Title laws and is seeking industry comment. While we have some members that operate in this area we won’t be putting a submission in this regard at this stage.

NSW Fair Trading has also announced a new partnership with EAC to supply the fact sheets pertaining to Agency Agreements, Bidders Guides as well as New Tenant Checklists.
This partnership sees NSW Fair Trading ceasing to supply their real estate fact sheets in print form, and bulk copies can now be purchased through EAC.

There have also been some big changes to Red Square in the past few months, with more on the way. On June 30 we turned off the Red Square application, who would have thought that it was in the marketplace for some 13 years. In the end the underlying technology just became outdated and with the introduction of Red Square Web we now have a solid platform that we can build on for years to come. In September we released a major upgrade to Red Square Web and Mapping and we are about to release an upgrade to Red Square Mobile. The next month will see the addition of mobile websites for your office as a new product from our Web Services team.

For those that have been waiting for our new Listing Management feature, development of this module is now complete and is undergoing internal testing. The new Listing Management feature has been redeveloped from the ground up and when introduced will require us to make changes to the underlying systems and websites. The team is working through these changes as we speak and we are looking at a 4th quarter release date.

On the front we have recently updated the logo to a cleaner and more modern look and feel and have updated the website and masthead on our publications. We have also recently produced some new TV and radio advertisements featuring Wendell Sailor which will be used in some regional areas. Traffic and the number of listings on the website continue to grow and October will see the release of a new mobile website. Work is also now well underway on the development of a new website which will be released at this stage around the same time as the new Listing Management feature.

As you can hopefully gather from the above we are investing a lot of time and effort into our products and services and ensuring the interests of the industry, practitioners and
members are protected. We can only do this with your support and feedback and as always, we welcome any feedback you might have to help us make our products and services and the industry we are part of better.

My EAC From the Boardroom Article – January 2012

Welcome to the first edition of From the Boardroom for 2012 and if your last year was like mine it was like we blinked and 2011 was gone.

On a pleasing note we are able to announce that the Cooperative reported a profit of $658,695 in the last financial year.This figure is the consolidated result for EAC and and included things such as the sale of the Wollongong building and the bringing of Pty Ltd into EAC which will be completed this year. If you would like to know more download our Annual Report at

The past few months have been very busy on several fronts and I see this continuing as we roll out some of the planned infrastructure and product changes in the first and second quarter of this year.

With the sale of our property in Wollongong we had to find a suitable replacement office and this has now been completed with the move taking place in late November. Settlement has now also occurred on the Villawood property and we have leased back the premises on a twelve month lease while we look for new premises to purchase. We are looking in the Parramatta and Silverwater areas and have looked at a few buildings but have not yet found anything suitable.

In early December we had a meeting with the Minister for Fair Trading Anthony Roberts and some of his staff. At the meeting we raised several items and issues that we believe are important from the industry’s perspective including Professional Indemnity Insurance, National Licensing, CPD, Forms and the proposed changes to Short Term and Holiday Letting. It is our intention to provide an update, on some of these items and the feedback that we received, in the forthcoming road shows that we are holding in February.

In the first quarter of 2012 we will be rolling out several updates to our services. These will begin with an update to Red Square Web and Mapping which will include several enhancements and the inclusion of some twelve new reports including brochures, flyers and booklet style reports.The redevelopment of our Addlist is coming along nicely and it has been developed from scratch and of note are the changes to the Business and Commercial Industrial For Sale and Lease sections.

February will also see the launch of Red Square Communicate which is a very powerful newsletter solution. For more information see By the time you read this, Red Square Mobile would have been released for beta testing to a select number of users. Red Square Mobile will provide Listings, Property Information and Current Market Information searches on your phone and it is just not limited to the iPhone. With Red Square Mobile finished we will then turn our attention to a mobile version of and agent web sites for consumers.

The web site continues to grow and we have experienced significant growth in the past six months. During this time we have seen a 70% increase in offices coming on board, a 60% increase in listings and, with the new content, an increase in the visitors to the site. We continue to add new feeds into and out of our system and of note is the recent addition of an upload by the LJ Hooker network to the site.

I would like to thank and congratulate the members and agents in the Mid North Coast, Clarence Valley, Far North Coast and Illawarra areas for their continued support of their publications. The Christmas editions saw two new records being achieved with 124 pages in the Mid North Coast and Far North Coast and 156 pages in the Illawarra – and those pages are all real estate, not editorial and fill as you find in many of our other competitors publications. These figures just go to show what can be achieved when the agents in an area work together.

All the best for the new year and lets hope that some of the predictions for the property market this year don’t eventuate as I understand many of you are already doing it tough out there. If EAC can assist in any regard we will be here continuing to do our best for you and the industry. As always, we welcome any feedback you might have to help us make our products and services more beneficial to your office as, ultimately, we are about service and not profit at the expense of the industry.

Real Estate XML Feeds and Uploads Update

Our XML Feeds and Uploads are designed to save you time and money by eliminating the need to re-key your listings into multiple systems and web sites.

Feeds In
Our recent updates include the ability to accept listings from L J Hooker and we are just finalising a feed from Rockend.

Feeds Out
With the demise of Google Real Estate, this feed is not longer available and we now have feeds out to modernsearch and iRealty.

EAC Real Estate XML Feeds and Uploads to and from Web Sites

Facebook Pages are getting updated

Facebook pages are getting an updated layout and several new features to help you engage with your fans.

Here’s some of what you will be getting:

  • Notifications when fans interact with your page or posts
  • A place to showcase photos along the top of your page
  • A news feed for your page
  • The ability to Like and post on other pages as your page

You can preview your page by following the link in the email that was sent to you by Facebook and you will be given the option to upgrade early.

All pages will automatically be upgraded on March 10.

The Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd and Facebook Pages have been updated already.

Estate Agents  Co-operative Ltd specialise in the provison of  Social Media Marketing services for real estate professionals and offices, for more information visit or call us on 1300 137 161 to get your Social Media Marketing strategy underway today!

Nestoria Australia – A New Way to Search Online for Australian Property

Major European property search engine Nestoria has partnered with Classified Ad Ventures to launch Nestoria Australia (, a new way to search online for Australian property to rent and to buy. is unique in that it sources listings directly from property portals and franchise groups and then drives property seekers directly back to those sites. For the real estate hunter, the site is easy to use with an intuitive interface.
The joint venture has been driven by Simon Baker, the former CEO and Managing Director of the REA Group (
“Australia is a global leader in using the internet to search for property. There are around 25 property portals and franchise group sites serving the market. These sites are our partners.
They provide the listings and pay for clicks at a fraction of the cost they pay on Google. We are an entry point for real estate consumers and property portals are the destination” said Simon Baker.
Nestoria is well established in the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany with over 1.5 million users per month. Nestoria co-founder Ed Freyfogle said the success of Nestoria is in its simplicity. is an initial launch partner.