Updated Video Marketing App streamlines video production and adds the ability to include your own content

We are excited to announce the latest features to the HouseLens VIEW Video Marketing app

In a recent survey we asked our growing user base what they would like to see in the app and we listened!

New ‘In Production’ layout


The new layout simplifies the process of shooting your video. The sections are now much larger making it easier to navigate to the section that you want to record and now guides you through the creation of your video.

Ability to add other video clips from your camera roll into your property video


You can now add up to 3 additional clips up to a maximum of 30 seconds per clip to any section of your video. These clips may include a standard agent introduction, drone footage or a clip highlighting the local area. All you need to do is have the additional clips on your phone and they can be added to any of your videos. You just need to be mindful that the more external clips you add to your video, the longer the time to prepare and upload your finished video.

Move clips between areas


Have you ever captured a room only to find that you are in the wrong section? Well, you can now move the clip to the right section saving the need to delete and re-shoot the room.

Increased search engine optimisation (SEO)


The use of videos as part of your real estate marketing will greatly assist in the building of your brand online. To make it easier and quicker for you to optimise each video for SEO, the description of each video is now automatically populated with your details which will be uploaded and appear on your videos on YouTube. These details can be edited or you can add to the description (up to 5000 characters) like many offices are.

The above features will be released in an update to the VIEW app, available through the Apple Store and on Google Play in the coming days.

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