KTM Adventure 1190 Build

Late last year after a motorcycle tour to Vietnam I decided to take get into more adventure style motorbike riding. For some years I had a road bike and a dirt bike and with work and other commitments didn’t really get the time to ride either as much as I would have liked. I decided that I would look for a bike that would would allow me to do both and without compromise. After doing much research on the internet and riding several bikes I settled on the 2014 KTM Adventure 1190 EDS. All I can say is what a bike, no wonder it has been described as the best all around motorcycle in the world.

This video gives you some idea of the technology that the bike has.

On road the bike is amazing and to give you an idea of the performance the bike does 0 – 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds andthe quarter mile in 10.6 seconds. This video will give you some idea of the performance on road.

I was somewhat sceptical of the off road abilities and have only done some fire trails at this stage and even on the Trail Attack II tyres which are more road orientated the bike handled above my expectations. To give you an idea of the off-road capabilities while this is the R version it gives you some idea. I will be fitting Continental TKC 70 tyres shortly.

Taking Delivery

KTM were running a special when I purchased the bike and I received a touring screen, heated grips, touring panniers and crash bars at no extra cost.


Before the bike even left the dealer it had its first modification in the form of a Uni-Filter Performance filter kit to give me the necessary protection in the dirt.

The build begins…..


R&G Racing Bar End Sliders for the road


R&G Racing Fork Protectors

R&G Racing Frame Plugs – I still need to put the cover on


Touratech Brake Fluid Reservoir cover


Stoneguard Paint Protection


Radiator Guard by Rad Guard


B&B Off Road Bash Plate – painted black



Quick-Lock GPS Mount by SW-Motech


Waterproof and shockproof iPhone 6 case by SW-Motech


Strike Genius BT GPS with Hema Maps


R&G Racing Easy Grip Tank Traction Pads


Barkbusters VPS Handguards


AGV AX8 Dual Evo Helmet



Wings Short Titanium Exhaust with carbon fiber heat shield – in addition to adding a great note one of the main reasons for the exhaust was a 4 kg weight saving.



Wings Carbon Fiber heat shields – one of the know issues with the KTM Adventure 1190 is the heat that flows up onto your legs and these were the fix.


Off Road 

Touratech Mudguard riser raises the height of the front guard for better clearance in mud.


Side Stand Base by SW-Motech


Continental TKC 70 Tyres

Continential-TKC70-front-ktm-adventure-1190 Continential-TKC70-rear-ktm-adventure-1190


SMH-10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset & Intercom


KTM Tinted Tall Screen


Rear Rack from SW-Motech


Rotopax Fuel and Water Cells


3 thoughts on “KTM Adventure 1190 Build

  1. Hi, just read your blog and noticed the shock has potentially been modified by Terry Hay. What did you have done and is it much better?

    • Hi Rob,

      When I first purchased the bike I rode it for a while and decided to have it lowered so I was more comfortable when riding off road. I had the bike lowered 25mm which entailed a new spring and shortening of the fork springs. I have not experienced any issues as a result of the modification and would recommend it to anyone that finds the bike just that little bit too tall.

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