Estate Agents Co-operative (EAC) Releases Updated Property Listing Management Feature

Estate Agents Co-operative (EAC) today announced the release of our updated property listing management feature, Red Square Addlist, which was launched to coincide with the release of the Co-operative’s modernised real estate property portal,

I am delighted to announce that as a result of extensive research and consultation with our members that we can now proudly offer, what I feel, is an innovative property listing management and upload solution for the real estate industry.

Red Square Addlist allows users to effortlessly search, preview, monitor and update their stock list directly from one screen. Our QR code creation feature will simplify print marketing and our unique Product Distribution List (PDL) option will allow offices to share exclusive listings within their group.

Although Red Square Listing Management has been a popular inclusion to EAC’s products stable for many years, our development team has been constantly building the system over the past 12 months to create this latest cutting-edge version compatible with not just our updated real estate portal but also with an agent’s own website, leading customer relationship management tools and the majority of major real estate websites in Australia.

In keeping with our Co-operative’s mission of providing cost effective products and services that meet the needs of today’s real estate professional, EAC will be able to offer our listing management and upload tool  at a significantly lower cost than most of our competitor brands currently on the market.

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