Estate Agents Co-operative (EAC) Releases Updated Industry Portal

Estate Agents Co-operative (EAC) today announced the release of their much anticipated update to the industry owned and developed real estate property portal,

We have spent the best part of the last 12 months completely redeveloping the website and underlying systems to provide a platform that meets the evolving needs of both real estate agents and consumers alike, all the while being mindful of still being able to provide an extremely cost effective property online marketing alternative for our members and the Industry.

In addition to considerably improving the consumer experience, in the search and display of property listings, we have also taken substantial steps to assist agents who are looking for greater profile on the site to professionally market their office and personal brands.

Another core focus of the development team was to ensure that the site will now have a much greater search engine relevance through enhanced optimisation and marketing initiatives which will guarantee better overall visibility of

I feel that was always and still is all about providing a much needed industry alternative. I now feel more confident that our latest offering can indeed provide just that.

Take a look for yourself by visiting the site.

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