Simple technology tips for real estate professionals

It still amazes me the number of real estate professionals that I see shying away from technology. In this new online world that we live in today, most real estate consumers are internet and tech savvy. The tips below are for those real estate professionals that may shy away from technology but those that already using technology on a day to day basis may find some value in them. Some just involve tweaking what you are doing now with no cost involved.

Here are a couple of basic things you should be considering:

  1. To start with, if you do not already have a smart phone you should get one. Yes there are still people out there without one. There are many benefits of using a smart phone and if you are starting out my recommendation is an iPhone as they are pretty simple to use.
  2. If you have not yet engaged in Social Media you need to start. This could be as simple as creating a personal Facebook page and getting a feel and understanding of what it is all about. We did a presentation on social media to the Directors of a fairly large real estate office a couple of months ago. The presentation was kept simple and at the end the response was “We will look into it at a later date”
  3. So you have a web site for your office but is it mobile friendly? What does it look like when someone visits it on a mobile device? I have already spoken about getting a smart phone but did you know that the amount of traffic to web sites from mobile devices is quickly catching that from the normal computer.
  4. You are probably communicating with your clients in different ways today, via email, social media and SMS. Regardless of the communication method, communications should always be professional with correct grammar and spelling. This especially applies to SMS, do not abbreviate words, if you are going to take the time to send a message do it properly or wait until you have time to do it.
  5. Most agents have an email signature on their desktop email account but what about your smart phone or tablet device? You should have an email signature on every device that you send email from. This just makes it easier for your client to get in contact should they wish to communicate via another method, these days this could be phone, mobile, SMS or social media.

The above tips are about presenting a professional level of service to your clients and if you are not on the same level then how can you expect to service them professionally. Hope they helped!

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