ATO offers free tax seminars and detailed factsheets for rental property owners and those thinking about purchasing an investment.

Tax Time 2010 Media Kit
Highlights the deductions that can be claimed by rental property owners. To download ATO fact sheet from the media kit, go to and type QC00244448 in the ‘Search for”‘ field.
An alternative article (Expenses you can claim for your rental property at tax time) is also available. You can access this article by going to and typing QC00246807 in the ‘Search for” field.
Negative Gearing – Thinking about negatively gearing a rental property?
A rental property is negatively geared if it is purchased with the assistance of borrowed funds and the rental income does not cover the allowable deductible expenses, including interest on the loan. For tax purposes, the effect of a negatively geared property is a net rental loss.
When you complete your tax return for the relevant year, you may be able to claim a deduction for your rental property expenses against your combined rental and other income (such as salary, wages or business income). If the other income is not sufficient to absorb the loss, you carry the loss forward to the next year.
You can claim some of the rental property expenses the year you incur them; others you claim progressively over a number of years.
What expenses can you claim immediately? Expenses you can generally claim the year you incur them include:
  • interest on the loan you took to purchase the property
  • repair costs, for example, repairing the guttering or windows damaged in a storm.
What expenses do you claim progressively? Expenses that are deductible over a number of years include:
  • most of your borrowing costs
  • the cost of depreciating assets and structural improvements.
For more information on what rental property expenses you can claim on your tax, visit
Free rental property seminars this tax time
These seminars have proved very popular with both existing and prospective rental property owners. Go to
Tax smart investing – what Australian property investors need to know
The ATO has a DL-sized flyer called Tax smart investing – what Australian property investors need to know. It offers tips on how to be a tax-smart property investor. If you are interested in ordering quantities of this product to make available to rental property clients, you can order bulk quantities of up to 200 per order. To order a printed copy of Tax smart investing – what Australian property investors need to know, quote the product order number (NAT 12917). Phone the publications distribution service 1300 720 092 between 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday for the cost of a local call, or visit, type ‘order’ in the ‘Search for’ field, then follow the prompts.
The ATO website has detailed fact sheets including:
  • Rental properties – avoiding common mistakes
  • Rental properties – claiming borrowing expenses
  • Rental properties – claiming legal expenses
  • Rental properties – claiming interest expenses
  • Rental properties – claiming repairs and maintenance expenses
  • Rental properties – claiming capital works deductions
  • Rental properties – claiming travel expenses

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