Google roll out new features to its Maps Real Estate Feature

Google have just rolled out several new enhancements to the Google Maps Real Estate Feature.

Some of these new features include:

Place Pages for Real Estate Listings
In September Google added Place Pages in Google Maps to help users organise relevant information about all sorts of features such as businesses, landmarks and suburbs for example onto a single page. This function has now been enhanced and will be available to users who click on real estate listings in Google Maps.
The new page layout will show the information on properties on a single easy to view page. The information displayed is the same information that is currently provided on the ‘info window’ on Maps.
Query Triggering
Google’s focus continues to revolve around “search” and trying to connect users with the most relevant information. To this end they have now introduced Query Triggering.
You can now type real estate related terms directly into the Google Maps search box and will automatically be shown real estate listings. For example, try typing “real estate in Wollongong” into the search box and you will see real estate listings for Wollongong on the map.
This greatly enhances the visibilty of real estate listings to the millions of Google Maps users.
YouTube Videos
YouTube videos can now be included on listings and we will be updating our feed to allow for this feature this week.
These above changes come on the back of the integration of real estate with the ‘More’ menu in Maps.
These new features will greatly increase exposure of this exciting new feature from Google which can only be good for real estate agents and consumers.

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