Understanding the Real Estate Agent’s role in the buying process

Real estate consumers are bombarded with seemingly a never ending supply of property and market information. Information that attempts to answer all possible questions, such as:
Is it the right time to buy or sell?
Where are the hot spots?
What about the demographics, the median price, and
What are the local schools like?
If you are looking to buy a property and you want information that is relevant and specific to your individual needs, where do you go?
The real estate agent
The role of the real estate is to match buyer expectations with sellers and their properties. A professional real estate agent has expert understanding of the home buying process and you can benefit from their local market knowledge, experience and wide network of contacts. Guiding you through the home buying process these resources can save you time, stress and possible disappointments.
Selecting the right property
A professional real estate agent can help navigate through the maze of properties on offer and help you with:
  • Targeting your search. Help you focus on the ones that meet your budget and requirements.
  • Knowing where to look. Sometimes the home you are seeking is available but not publicly advertised.
  • Being objective. They can provide objective and factual information about each home e.g. neighbourhood data, utilities, schools, zoning and more so your decision is well informed, considering today and future resale.
A professional real estate agent plays a pivotal role in the negotiation process. They can bring realism to your expectations. A very low offer on a fairly priced home has the potential to upset a seller to the point of stopping all further negotiations.
Some times the difference between reaching and not reaching an agreed price could involve an agent’s skills in negotiating terms and conditions such as a delayed settlement, a lease back, the inclusion or exclusion of repairs or furnishings or the distribution of incidental costs.
Monitoring to settlement
Your real estate professional is the best person to help you understand the issues that typically arise and move the transaction smoothly to settlement.

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