Google Analytics and your Blog

Google Analytics is a simple but very effective web analytics tool that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.
I have setup several Blogs for agents using Blogger and just as with any web site, you should be using Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your Blog.
Prior to starting if you haven’t already got one you will need to setup a Google Analytics Account. This can be done at
Google Analytics

The first step is to setup a Website Profile under Google Analytics for your Blog.
  1. Add a new Website Profile, enter the URL for your Blog (i.e., a Profile Name, the Country and the Time zone.
  2. You will then be provided with the code that you have to add to your site for tracking to occur.
  3. Highlight the code and copy it by going Ctrl-C on your keyboard.

The second step is to add the Google Analytics code that we copied in Step 1 to your Blog.

  1. Login to and select to Blog that you want to add the Google Analytics code to.
  2. From the Dashboard select Layout and then select Edit HTML which is one of the options on the line beginning with Page Elements.
  3. Under Edit Template you will see the HTML for your Blog. Scroll to the bottom of the HTML.
  4. We want to paste the code from Step 1 by going Ctrl-V on your keyboard in the area indicated below and click Save Template.

The Google Analytics Code has now been added to your Blog.
To check that you have completed the above steps correctly login to Google Analytics again and check the Status for the Website Profile that you setup and it should have a green tick. If after a while you don’t see this then select Edit on the right hand side of the Profile and select Check Status.

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