From 1 July 2009 LPI will no longer accept laminated certificates of title for lodgment.

Property owners and other parties such as solicitors, conveyancers and lending institutions who hold current certificates of title on behalf of property owners or as security for loans are advised that the certificates should be maintained in the same form as originally issued by LPI.
They should not be laminated or otherwise defaced and ideally should be stored flat rather than folded.
From Wednesday 1 July 2009 LPI will no longer accept for lodgment certificates of title that have been laminated. In cases where a current certificate of title has been laminated, LPI will classify it as damaged and will require lodgment of an Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form 12PV) and related evidence. No further dealings will be registered on title until the application has been registered and a new edition of the title issued.
The lamination of titles makes it difficult to conduct security checks in relation to paper texture and thickness to ensure their authenticity. LPI has changed its policy regarding the acceptance of laminated titles as a result of the presentation for lodgment of counterfeit laminated titles earlier this year.
Further information about applications for a replacement certificate of title is available on the Lands website at
Source: LPI Circular- Laminated Certificates of Title 2009/06

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