publications now available online using Issuu

Continuing with our philosophy of providing an interactive user friendly online experience for all visitors to your website as well as insuring our publication advertisers receive the best possible exposure for their advertising & marketing spend, the REW development team have released the latest publication page viewing technology to now enable publications to be viewed in their entirety online by potentially many thousands of investors nationally.

This exciting new feature to enables consumers the ability to scroll page by page current editions, as well as up to five back issues of any of the existing five titles with the click of a mouse.

Visitors will have multi viewing options such as magazine, presentation or paper views, according to their preference, as well as the functionality to search any publication by key word entry. However, the most exciting feature is the ability to send a link to any publication by e-mail. This feature alone will be a great benefit to advertising agents that now can send their vendors a copy of their listing in the publication totally online via e-mail…

The publications are now available for viewing from the homepage in the publications tab at the right of the screen. Once on the publications page, simply click on the publication cover you wish to view and then use the navigation tools to get the best view that suits your needs.

Or alternatively, Click here to be taken directly to publications page to see the difference for yourself.

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