EAC Training Services Expands its Opportunities across NSW with Yearly CPD Training Calendar

In an effort to expand its training service, the Estate Agents Co operative has joined forces with the widely known and industry specific Registered Training Organisation, Think Real Estate, to provide a unique package of agency training support services to the NSW real estate industry with the release of its yearly training calendar.
Both organisations have enviable reputations in the real estate industry in their respective areas of expertise. The two organisations have entered into a “partnership” to deliver specialist industry training and a comprehensive range of support services for real estate practitioners.
David Crombie, CEO of the Estate Agents Co operative stated “The arrangement between the two organisations combines the skills and knowledge of both to expand and strengthen their already impressive range of services, offering a much more comprehensive range of quality training, held more often and, most importantly, at cost effective rates.
In an effort to deliver training services to regional areas where this was previously lacking, EAC had already commenced providing its training offerings into the regional areas. However as a result of this new relationship, EAC and Think will be in a position to expand delivery across the State, providing greater flexibility in terms of both courses and how participants’ wish to undertake courses – face to face or by correspondence. We can even offer the option of in office training for 8 or more people.”
Courses included in the yearly calendar offer a wide range of training for sales as well as property management staff. In addition to the standard CPD courses there are a raft of other informative sessions scheduled. Included in these are sessions covering compliance issues which not only carry the required 12 points but provide participants a concise compliance manual for their future reference. Numerous dates have been scheduled for Certificate of Registration courses and licensing courses are also provided.
Courses Offered in the 2009 Calendar include:
• Course in Property Practice (C.O.R)
• 12 Points CPD for both Property Managers and Sales Staff
• 12 Points CPD for Compliance Made Easy
• Licensing – includes fast track for experienced agents
• Auctioneer Accreditation
• Business skills for Principals
For further information contact Think EAC Training Services on 1300 81 88 74.

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